Thursday, April 26, 2007

Master Cleanse days 2 and 3

Day 2 went by ok... except I wanted to CHEW something all day, like ALL day. I was not really hungry, but I wanted to eat, weird. I followed some advice by the lovely Boho and made some of the lemonade mixture into Popsicles. Not bad! Although I think for future reference I will leave the cayenne out of those, spicy Popsicles are not as good as non-spicy ones. I spent the day trying to NOT think about food, thus thinking about it even more. Nice. When I went to bed I was so excited that I would not be thinking about it anymore. And as an added bonus there were no food dreams.

Yesterday, was day 3. And it was odd. For the most part I did not care to have food at all. I mean AT ALL. I didn't even want the lemonade and made myself drink it. I had about 5 glasses of it total yesterday and lots of water. I did the 2 showers and skin brushing as I have everyday. But, I found myself becoming increasingly dare I say obsessed?? About weighing in. Like I was really going to magically drop 5 pounds over the course of one hour. When I became aware of those feelings I started to evaluate them. And to be honest I came out rather confused. I mean, I know that this is something that will be good for my overall health, it will get all the yuck out and hopefully bring to around to new ways of eating and treating my body with more care. But... I can feel the obsession starting with my weight and that is not too cool.

I talked with a couple friends via email last night and told them my concerns. They gave me some lovely feedback and insight. I am still unsure whether or not I will be continuing with this cleanse. Last night my hubby said to just finish with yesterday, and see how I feel today. So, that is what I will do... I might end the cleanse sometime today, or I might continue depending on what feelings I have about it. We shall see.

In any case I feel like it has been a good experience so far. My tongue is already pink if you can believe that. The coating is gone, was only there for one day infact. So, I will be updating later today or tomorrow and we will all find out if I stick with it or not. If I decide to end the cleanse I will be doing other things to remain healthy though, so it won't be all bad.

And, just because I was bored yesterday, I made this slide show. Enjoy! The slide show seems way cooler on my Myspace page because it has some nifty music to bop your head to there. But, it is still cute even without the music.