Monday, August 21, 2006

And... I'll sing another song.

So, I have this song stuck in my head. Great little song if you ask me. It is a song by the band Palomino called My Next Breath. I have been singing the song non-stop for a couple days now... Well, I had to stop to eat and sleep and stuff... But you get the picture right?

Anyhooooooo... I decided to sing it here again. I kinda like singing on my blog, it lets me hear how much my voice has changed over the years. It lets me hear where I really need some work... It lets me sing for crying out loud:) That is really the thing I like best I suppose. It has been so long since I have sung in a band or anything like that, I am realizing that I miss it very much. Although, I am not so sure I would be able to get up in front of people anymore and actually make any sounds other than a weak squeak or even worse no sound at all.

And so I guess until I decide to actually do something I may become the singing blogger... Be that good, bad, or something inbetween...

If I am rambling on and on and making no sense it is just because it is almost 1 in the am here and I am still awake... Why? Well, because I was hooking up my new printer. YAY! I finally bought a new printer so I can print out my photo's again. I killed my last printer at Christmas time when I made a bunch of calendars on my computer and printed about a billion of them out on my printer. I had it running pretty much all day long for 2 full days.... Went through 2 complete sets of ink in all of my photo ink cartridges, two in the yellow as well and one in the black. Poor printer. It was a trusty companion, but I suppose it had to kick the bucket some time. I left it sitting on my desk until last week and finally I gave it a proper burial in the dumpster... Rest in peace beloved Canon photo printer. You served me well, and although I have now replaced you with a newer much cooler version I will never forget you. :) <<<<< See? Rambling!!!

Well, here is the song. It is certainly a little pitchy in some places to say the least, but whatever. Enjoy... or don't its cool:)

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