Thursday, August 24, 2006


This weeks subject for Artwords is Appetite. The goal? To create a piece of work that portrays appetite.

Well, for me the first thought that jumps to my mind when I think appetite is an image of an appetite denied... Having dealt with an eating disorder for most of my life it is difficult to think of anything else when the word is something that is normally associated with food or eating.

The original picture of this woman I found on the internet in an image search on google and changed it up in photoshop. It did not say who originally took the picture or who it is of. I am actually using this as a reference for something else that i am drawing, but since that is not finished yet I will post this one in its place, and then post the finished drawing once it is complete.

For some people this image may be a little disturbing, and it probably should be. I hope that if nothing else it creates an awareness in the people who see it.

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