Thursday, August 10, 2006

Can he really be this old?

So, after months and months of Kayden asking almost everyday when he gets to start "big boy school" he finally started today. He was beside himself with excitement and honestly so was I. This is going to be so good for him. I can already tell.

Kayden is a highly energetic boy. As he gets older it is getting better but the one thing I lack the ability to do is have a structured day. I do not work that way. Not at all... I have tried so many times and it always ends with me feeling upset and frustrated because I cannot do the things I want because I am on a schedule. I know that he needs that [structure] and so all last year and through this year I have been home pre-schooling him. And he did amazingly well.

Originally my plan was to do the preschooling for 2 years and then send him off to this fabulous charter school we have out here that is all about music and drama and the arts. They have all the other boring stuff too, but the focus is on music and art. They require each student from grades 4 and up to play the violin or another stringed instrument and even give FREE suzuki lessons!!!! They have art camp and musical theatre class... for PE they have dance... Yeah, if only I had gone to a school like that. :) Well... I got off subject a bit. As I was saying I planned on doing preschool for 2 years then having him start kindergarten. Well, he did so well and seems to need even more than I ended up letting him test into kindergarten early. The school i really wanted to send him to will not accept a student if their birthday misses the deadline, which Kayden does by nearly 3 months. So I enrolled him into one right up the street.

I was a little nervous for him today I mean it is a full day kindergarten so I dropped him off at 7:45 and picked him up at 2:45. (Well, more accurately it was about 3:20 by the time I was able to pick him up. The line of cars was so long and moving so slow that I did not get to the pick up area until then. Tomorrow I am going to get there way early so I do not have to wait in line again.) He did wonderfully however, he made lots of new friends, and learned new songs and games which he taught me all evening.

It is a strange feeling to send your little one off to the big world of school... it means he is getting bigger. A good thing and yet, sad in its own way. I am so proud of my little boy I can hardly stand it!

I got a few pictures of him there with his teacher and class this morning, but i have not downloaded them yet... so in the next day or so I will post them. But until then I will leave you with these... Back when he was still my baby, well kinda... :)

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