Monday, August 07, 2006

Enclosed Spaces... The car.

When I am in the car with my kids I spend alot of time wishing they were asleep... with a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old things get loud, and messy, and there are fights with minor injuries and lots of crying and screaming. Wow... that sounded really negative, but common, it is TRUE! I mean the 2 year old likes to mash his foot into the one year olds face while the 4 year old hits the 2 year old in the back of the head and screams at him to stop. They are loud, my Mother says it sounds like I have pterodactyls in the back ground when she calls on the phone. When we are all in the car it can get a little TOO loud and it can feel like the car is jsut WAY too small although it seats 8. So, this week my enclosed space is my car, because it seems to be shrinking everytime we all get in it.

This first picture is of me after the one year old and two year old fell asleep... See the slight smile? I know, the hat is up a bit too far on my forehead to look cute like its supposed to, but whatever... It was QUIET!!!! :)

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And this second one, is me leaning back into the second row of seats to try and capture some of my kids in the pic with me... You can only see part of Jett's (2 year old) head, and Kayden (4 yr old) is not in the picture but he was crying that he wanted to be in it... And that cute one there... the one who looks like he is being quiet? That one is Kael the one yr old. I love my boys! Even when they sound like Pterodactyls!

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Next week ( I hope) I have an idea I have been working on... I just have to get over this silly fear I have of looking stupid in front of my husband so that he can help me out with it... I had planned on having it ready for this week as it will be really neat if it turnes out as I hope... But I will do it for next weeks I guess :) Besides, my face is kinda broken out and I feel fat and bloated this week... Not what I want in the picture! Next week though.... It will be good.