Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In my red kitchen

It is Tuesday, and the final day of this months Self Portrait Challenge for "Enclosed space"...
I am kinda glad because I was running out of idea's to do for this theme... As you can tell by how i am stretching it this week.

This week I am enclosed in my red kitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my walls in my kitchen. When I was pregnant with my second baby I decided that there should be no white walls in my house... well, at least not very many. So I decided to paint my kitchen red. But not just any red, oh nooooo... A very neat faux treatment red.

I called my aunt over and she helped me plan and paint the walls. We made two different glazes, one out of a barn red paint and one out of a golden yellow paint. Then we grabbed these weird paint tools that look like they have artificial grass on them, and went to town smearing the two paints on the walls in huge swirls. We had no idea what it would turn out like when we started... we don't usually plan it all out really well, we just decide what might look neat. And usually it works out really well. And in this case it did.

My kitchen walls can sometimes look like a huge fire ball... and some people come into my home with their jaws on the floor. I guess its not everyones cup of tea... but it sure is mine.

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On another note, I think my body is trying to tell me something... Last week I had what seemed to be the stomache flu, although noone else in my family has gotten it... Then on saturday as I was beginning to feel better from that, I lost my voice. Today, I still have no voice.... And then at about noon today my back went out. I did not do anything to cause it either, I was walking down the hall when all the sudden there was just a huge, sharp pain in my lower back, all around my sacrum and hips and lumbar vertebrae.

Hrmmm.... to my body: I am listening, what are you trying to tell me???

And two more pictures just for fun, showing off my walls and my beautiful paintings by Marcus Bausch... Taken with my super cool new camera that arrived TODAY!!! Its a Canon Powershot S3 IS. I still have not actually figured out how to use it... soon!!!

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